Assistant District Commissioner – Squirrels

Michael Holroyd

Michael’s role is to provide guidance to Squirrel leaders in the delivery of a safe, fun, inclusive and age-appropriate programme. In partnership with the District Commissioner, support the growth of Squirrel Dreys in the District, including getting people ready to set up the Drey and provide ongoing care.

Michael’s Main Tasks are:-

  • Work with the Group Scout Leaders to advise the Section Leaders about the Squirrels programme and support the induction of new volunteers.
  • Advise the District Commissioner and District Team on matters relating to the Squirrel section
  • Support Squirrel section leaders to follow Scout policies and let the Group Scout Leader know, if any additional support is needed.
  • Be a part of the District and County Team and attend meetings.
  • Organise meetings for Squirrel Drey Leaders to share best practice and identify opportunities to work together.
  • Encourage the Squirrel section leaders and any district squirrel leaders, to work together to organise and run District wide programme of activities for Squirrels.
  • Keep up to date with information about 4-5 year olds and what things are happening in local communities, which might be relevant to the Squirrels section
  • Promote Squirrel Scouts in local communities, in partnership with Squirrel leaders.
  • Support the District Commissioner with the growth of Squirrel Dreys within the district, including recruiting new volunteers.