Hey, Lego lovers and Cub enthusiasts!

This past Saturday, February 25th, marked an epic day filled with creativity, teamwork, and a whole lot of building fun at the Spen Valley District Cub Lego Competition. Hosted by the Spen Valley District Programme Team and with a big shoutout to Mark from Bricktopia for his support, this event was one for the books!

Guess what? The big winner of the day was none other than the fantastic team from the 5th SV! But hold your horses, folks, because every single cub who joined in on the brick-building bonanza deserves a round of applause. Seriously, the energy and enthusiasm were off the charts!

From towering skyscrapers to intricate landscapes, the cubs brought their A-game and let their imaginations run wild. It was incredible to see how each team put their heads together, collaborated, and created some seriously jaw-dropping masterpieces. Who knew that a bunch of colorful bricks could spark so much ingenuity?

But you know what the best part was? It wasn’t just about winning (although that shiny trophy sure looks sweet). It was about coming together as a community, making new friends, and having a blast while doing it. Laughter echoed through the halls, high-fives were exchanged, and memories were made that’ll last a lifetime.

So here’s to all the cubs, leaders, and volunteers who made the Spen Valley District Cub Lego Competition an event to remember. You’re all champions in our book! And hey, who knows what amazing creations await us at the next one? Keep on building, folks!